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PAN National Assembly gives Calderón allies a majority

The 12,000 delegates of the PAN National Assembly elected 150 new members to the National Council that will elect a new party president in December and oversee the party through the 2012 elections. Calderón allies took a majority of seats, although fewer than two years ago, followed by the conservative “El Yunque” wing of the party associated with former party president Manuel Espino, and the allies of Senator Santiago Creel in third place. (Reforma 5/22)

Government secretary reaffirms loyalty to President; resignation reveals deep splits in PAN

Gómez Mont stressed on several occasions that he would continue to work for the President’s agenda, even after his break with the party. “President Calderón and I are in constant communication; we each have our own points of view. He is the President, and I am the Government Secretary, and I serve the President,” he said at a law forum. His resignation reverberated within the party. Former president Vicente Fox and former party president Manuel Espino said Gómez Mont did the right thing. Former presidential candidate Diego Fernández de Cevallos said the PRD and PAN were irreconcilable on fundamental issues such as abortion and gay marriage. Fernández said the PAN could beat the PRI on its own, “if we have leaders of stature who behave in ways that merit respect.”

Nonetheless, the PAN National Council endorsed the electoral coalitions already approved by the central committee. Absent from the Council meeting were President Calderón, Fox, Espino, and congressional leader Josefina Vázquez Mota. While a number of current PAN senators voiced support for keeping Gómez Mont in the cabinet, there is constant speculation of how long he will remain in the cabinet. President Calderón has avoided comment on the controversy. (Universal 2/12)

Fear and loathing inside the PAN

Only former presidential private secretary César Nava registered to run for PAN party president, after party elders including Santiago Creel and Manuel Espino said they would boycott the internal election. As previously reported, Creel had called for a period of ‘reflection’ on the causes of the PAN’s electoral defeat before rushing to new elect a new leader. According to the Bajo Reserva column: “The discontent among the 360 members of the [PAN’s] National Council is growing, and the group expressing its disagreement with ‘the imposition’ [of Nava] is not being reined in.… That Nava would be on his own and under a cloud is a terrible message for a party that has worked carefully over the decades to be competitive, to show itself as a model of democracy, and to be the best face of the country, argued the opponents of the so-called ‘official candidate.’” The PAN leadership vote will take place on August 8th. (Universal 7/21, 7/27)