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Creel becomes first major figure to declare for 2012

PAN Senator Santiago Creel confirmed in a radio interview with journalist Carmen Aristegui that he will seek his party’s 2012 presidential nomination, becoming the first national figure to throw his hat in the ring. Creel tried to play down internal party rivalry, saying that he was not competing against Education Secretary Alonso Lujambio, who is also viewed as a contender, while carving out a nuanced position on electoral alliances.  “I am not competing against anyone. What I want to see is a vigorous party that returns to its origins, to its identity, that doesn’t make these unspeakable alliances, alliances with [Teachers’ Union president] Elba Esther [Gordillo], alliances that we won’t be able to sustain afterwards, neither ideologically nor programmatically. But I also think that there are alliances that are sustainable, such as the case of Gabino Cué [in Oaxaca] or Xóchitl Gálvez [in Hidalgo],” he said. (Universal 1/23)

Gordillo crony resigns as head of National Lottery

Miguel Ángel Jíménez resigned as head of the National Lottery, eight weeks after taking a leave of absence. Jiménez is under investigation for using Lottery funds to buy favorable coverage for the PAN in the paper Diario de Yucatán. The one-time congressional leader of the PANAL party and associate of Teachers’ Union leader Elba Ester Gordillo is under investigation by the Ministry of Public Function. The Government proposed congressman Benjamín González Roaro, another gordillista, as the new Lottery head. However, the PRI and PRD representatives in the leadership council in Congress united to refuse to authorize a leave of absence, normally a routine step, effectively blocking the appointment until September 1. (Universal 5/26, 29, Excelsior 5/29)

Gordillo marks 20 years on top; praises Calderón

Elba Esther Gordillo celebrated 20 years as head of the Teachers’ Union (SNTE). During the kickoff for the annual conference for teacher evaluation, she said: “Mr. President [Calderón], without blushing, without doubt, without complexes we say to you that we are your allies, that we are moving forward with the Alliance for Quality Education.” She also had her first meeting with new Education Secretary Alonso Lujambio, the ninth Secretary she has seen during her tenure. (Universal 4/24)

New Education Secretary promises continuity

The new Education Secretary Alonso Lujambio promised to continue
the Alliance for Quality Education agreed to with the Teachers’
Union (SNTE) in 2007 that seeks to professionalize the nation’s
school teachers and “to revive” the relationship with the SNTE. He
also confirmed in their positions the three Education undersecretaries,
including the son-in-law of SNTE head Esther Elba Gordillo.
(Reforma 4/7, Excelsior 4/8)

‘Electoral bribery’ charge sinks Gordillo protégé, tarnishes PAN in Campeche

The head of the National Lottery, Miguel Ángel Jiménez, took a
leave of absence after the Diario de Yucatán published a story titled
‘Electoral Bribery.’ The Elba Esther Gordillo protégé reportedly
offered to buy Ps. 3 million in ads during a meeting with the paper’s
owners using Lottery funds, in exchange for Diario de Yucatán’s
support for Mario Ávila Lizárraga, the PAN candidate for Governor
of Campeche. (Excelsior, Reforma 4/8)

Lujambio named new Education Secretary

The President picked Alonso Lujambio to be the new Education Secretary. He has been the commissioner of IFAI, the federal transparency institute, and served as an IFE board member from 1996 through 2003; he was a Fulbright scholar at Yale in political science. The appointment will be analyzed for signs of the evolving relationship between the Government and teachers union head Elba Esther Gordillo. (Reforma and Universal 4/6)