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New message from kidnappers of Jefe Diego

120 days after his kidnapping, the major media received brief emails from the presumed kidnappers of Diego Fernández de Cevallos that essentially accused his family and friends of abandoning him. The enigmatic statement signed by “The Mysterious Disappearers” included a photo of a blindfolded and bare chested Fernández, holding a copy of a 5/23/10 Proceso magazine article showing a photo of him with Carlos Salinas. The photo would appear to have been taken at the same time as the last missive from the kidnappers, which was July 26. A translation of the text is as follows:

Bulletin Number 3

They say that ‘Jefe Diego’ seemed like viceroy of New Spain, and as a result, many wanted to see him imprisoned, or even worse, dead.

They say that for all practical purposes, he served as vice president of Mexico [during the Salinas presidency] and on that night when his past caught up with him, there was no shortage of persons who wanted him to rot in hell or praise him for the double feat, they say, of being an old prick and true bastard.

They say that he might have been the target for vengeance by some powerful group or individuals who had been defrauded or burnt, and they ignored if his mysterious ‘disappearance’, or later ‘kidnapping,’ might have had, other than economic motives, some other purpose, or if they were dealing with an attempt of barter by narcotraffickers.

They say that they last photos only showed the remains of a has-been who had been untouchable and powerful, and that they didn’t know if this sower of winds and reaper of storms was the victim of a gang organized criminals or some powerful group in the government, or of some guerrilla organization.

Thanks to the personal and public trajectory of ‘Jefe Diego’ they continued to say many things and, perhaps, pursued them as lines of investigation, after his family abandoned him and his own friends no longer cared what his fate was.

Shall we continue to communicate?

“The Mysterious Disappearers”

Monday, September 13, 2010

(Jornada 9/14, Universal 9/14)


What more has to happen?

Columnist Leo Zuckermann writes:

Frankly, I don’t understand. What has to happen in this country for the different political forces to sit down to discuss and fix the fight against organized crime? Haven’t the politicians paid attention to what’s been going on over the last two months? Haven’t they heard the message, as clear as it is terrifying, that the gangsters are sending? What are they hoping for?

Aside from the average of 200 killings per week, let’s remember what violent events have occurred in the last two months. They kidnapped a high-profile political figure — Diego Fernández de Cevallos. … The PRI candidate for governor of Tamaulipas … was ambushed and assassinated just a few days before the election. … In Michoacan, the convoy of the Public Security Ministry was ambushed in broad daylight on the Zitácuaro-Toluca expressway. … Ten federal policemen lost their lives. …. In Chihuahua a group of heavily armed men entered a drug rehab clinic and killed 19 patients. This Sunday, in Torreón, some 30 men armed to the teeth broke into a party and executed 18 persons. On Saturday, in Ciudad Juárez a car bomb exploded killing four. … It was a coldly calculated attack designed to assassinate federal policemen…. All of this in two months.

After the assassination of Rodolfo Torre, President Calderón called for a dialogue to discuss — and presumably to correct–the strategy in the fight against organized crime. Manlio Fabio Beltrones, the leader of the PRI in the Senate, has called for the same for a long while. This dialogue couldn’t happen until after the July 4th elections. The vote has come and gone, and the dialogue still hasn’t happened. Beltrones and other priistas say they are ready for a substantive discussion. … Some perredistas are also expressing interest …. For his part, the President has made changes in his team.  It would seem that everybody is ready.  What are you waiting for, gentlemen? Do it, before this accursed violence escalates yet again.

60 days

Today is the 60th day since the kidnapping of Diego Fernández de Cevallos from his ranch in Querétaro.  There continues to be a news blackout from his family, the government, and security agencies.  As columnist Miguel Jáuregui writes,

After several months, ‘Jefe’ Diego has not appeared. The worst is that many have forgotten that he was kidnapped, that no one knows his whereabouts and he has become a symbol of what ails our country: violence with impunity that permits hundred of citizens (no one knows exactly how many) to be kidnapped daily across the country, tormented, tortured, and their families submitted to the most inhuman anguish possible.

La Jornada, however, reports that the family spoke with Diego on Sunday.  The paper quotes “a member of the national security cabinet”  as saying:

Don Diego is in good health. His family was able to speak with him three days ago, when the kidnappers allowed a brief call. For now, the negotiations for his release are continuing and the money is being put together to to meet the [kidnappers’] demands.

Jefe Diego: 30 days of silence

A month after the disappearance and presumed kidnapping of former PAN presidential candidate Diego Fernández de Cevallos, a couple of small notes from the unsigned opinion leaders in the major papers.

El Universal’s Bajo Reserva (6/14):  “Final point: Long silence.  Very long.  The negotiations are ongoing, they say.  Some affirm that we will have to get used to silence because these kidnappers in particular are in no hurry.”

Reforma’s Templo Mayor (6/15): “AND ONE MONTH LATER … nobody knows anything about Diego Fernández de Cevallos.  IT SEEMS CURIOUS that 30 days after the kidnapping of the panista the EPR [the Revolutionary People’s Army guerrilla group] raises its head again to insist that it wasn’t them who grabbed him. DOES this denial have anything to do with what Fauzi Hamdan [Diego’s former law partner] has said that the kidnapping was the work of a group of power?  Its a question that longs for an answer, along with many others, in this case.”

Report that kidnappers of Diego Fernández de Cevallos have started negotiating

Reforma reported today that “according to sources close to the case” kidnappers established contact with Diego Fernández de Cevallos‘  family this past weekend to start negotiating payment of a ransom and his release.  The paper said that no specific amount had been demanded, but that the family had received proof of life.  (Reforma 5/27)

Disappearance of Diego Fernández de Cevallos: radio silence

From today’s El Universal:

While the family and local and federal authorities continue without news of the whereabouts of Diego Fernández de Cevallos, the Justice Ministry (PGR) let it be known that any information would be provided jointly with the Querétaro state Justice Ministry. More than 24 hours after the family announced that they were willing to negotiate the liberation of the former presidential candidate, the family’s attorney (and former Attorney General) Antonio Lozano Gracia confirmed that they had not received any response from the presumed captors of Fernández de Cevallos.  “We have no news, we have had no response. Up to now, there is no information.”  Querétaro governor José Calzada said that he would not say anything more about the disappearance of the lawyer, even as he gave the order to end the state police search in the area of [Fernández’ ranch] La Cabaña. … PGR spokesman  Ricardo Nájera said he had no more information on the investigations to locate Jefe Diego. “Everything is shut down and we will communicate through joint announcements, when there is information of interest,”  he said.