This blog seeks to provide a concise, independent perspective on the intersection of Mexican politics, U.S.-Mexico relations, and cross-border business investment decisions. The focus is on the words and actions of the principal Mexican political actors, in a form that will be useful to non-Mexican business decisionmakers and analysts.

Under the Volcano began as a newsletter (and then blog) prior to the 2006 presidential election, and was published until 2011.  After a long hiatus, I’ve decided to restart the blog.

Why now?  The current moment in Mexico is the most critical in decades:

  • Lame-duck President without a game plan for final two years of his term;
  • Political fragmentation, with the next president likely to be elected with under 30% of vote;
  • Inability of political system to address drug violence and public corruption;
  • Country’s (and government’s) financial position still solid, but slipping;
  • Chronic economic underperformance;

And, of course,

  • Donald Trump’s repeated attacks on NAFTA, Mexican migrants in the U.S., border security, and—indeed—the dignity of the Mexican people.

The goal is to contribute to finding solutions to the current crisis that benefit companies and investors operating on both sides of the border, and to strengthen the bonds that tie Mexico and the United States together.

About the Author

Daniel Wilson has been involved in Mexico professionally for more than 30 years, starting with the 1982 debt crisis. His career in banking (political risk assessment, debt restructuring, debt-equity swaps, bond trading), as a private equity investor, and as a corporate business consultant has kept him constantly engaged with Mexico and its many-faceted transformation over the years.  He is a graduate of the University of Chicago and has an M.A. from Yale University in International Relations.

He is Managing Director of Zemi Communications. Zemi provides strategy-based communication counsel and services for corporations, governments, and non-profit organizations that need to communicate across borders. We have helped our clients achieve their core operating and financial objectives since 1996. Our areas of expertise include leadership communication, capital markets communication, media relations, internal communication, and crisis management. Our clients include international companies based or operating in Latin America, principally. A presentation of our financial communication capabilities is here.

The views expressed herein are those of Daniel Wilson alone, and do not represent the views of any of Zemi’s clients or other entities with which we may have ongoing relationships.

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