AMLO’s NYC tour derailed by protesters

While AMLO has been using his visits to Mexican communities in the U.S. to portray a statesman-like image, he was effectively derailed by protesters in Queens, New York on Monday. Supporters and family members of the 43 students killed in Iguala in 2014 interrupted a town-hall type meeting, accusing AMLO (correctly) of close ties with the then mayor of Iguala and then governor of Guerrero at the time.  (Both politicians were members of the PRD, and were politically backed by AMLO and his supporters.)   In the face of the disruption, AMLO cancelled the rest of the Queens event; much of the rest of his agenda in NYC and Washington was hit by winter storm “Stella.”  The images of the protesters shutting AMLO down is about the only impact his visit had in Mexico.


In the words of columnist José Cárdenas:

The Tropical Messiah returns battered by the winter cold with which he was received by American institutions, officials and media, but also charred by the fiery protests against him, and especially by the heat of his reactions….

To lose his temper in the face of the indignant accusation of Antonio Tizapa, one of the fathers of Ayotzinapa’s 43 students, transformed him into Hulk, the angry green strongman, and cornered him once again to reveal the dark side of his intransigent personality. He lost control by shouting at the man, “Shut up, provocateur,” reminding people of his “Shut up, chachalaca,” directed at Vicente Fox in 2006, which cost him so dearly [in the 2006 presidential election]. …

AMLO’s rudeness at being rebuked calls into question the conciliatory discourse he’s devised in an effort to win, in his third attempt, the Presidency.

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