Videgaray terms meetings with Tillerson and Kelly as “frank” but “steps in the right direction”

Foreign Secretary Videgaray termed the meetings held by him and Government Secretary Miguel Angel Osorio Chong with U.S. Secretary of State Tillerson and Homeland Security Secretary Kelly as “frank.”

This visit occurs a complex moment in the relationship of the two countries.  Among Mexicans, there is a preoccupation and irritation with what they perceive as policies of the U.S. that could be damaging to them.

Today we discussed different issues on the agenda, knowing that this is a process that will be long and not necessarily easy.  Today we took important steps in the right direction.  Undoubtedly, we have some coincidences.  The first of these is the need to keep working and having dialogue in an uninterrupted manner.

The Mexicans were pleased that the U.S. seemed to accept the notion of “integral,” with all topics on the table.  They were also reassured by Secretary Kelly’s references to controlling the southbound flows of illegal weapons and bulk cash, agreement not to expel third-country nationals to Mexico, and the commitment to cooperate on reducing Central American migration to the U.S.

They were also reassured by Kelly’s assurances that there would be no massive deportations from the U.S., and that the military would not be used for immigration enforcement, though President Trump’s contradictory declarations the same day undercut Kelly’s message.

The NYT story catches the mood of the press conference after the meetings.

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