More Michoacán politicians released from custody

A judge ordered freed five persons who had been arrested in the Government’s highest profile operation against political corruption linked to drug trafficking. Of the 35 who had been arrested in the May 2009 sweep in Michoacán, 34 have now been freed by judicial order. Maria Luisa Calderón, the President’s sister and a potential PAN candidate for governor of Michoacán, said the judicial orders were the result of “pressures” against the judges and in no way an exoneration of those freed. Columnist Ricardo Alemán commented, “The michoacanazo [as the operation was called] is nothing more than a chain of events that show the citizens’ lack of confidence in the entire process for imparting justice. … Like it or not, it’s a collective mess, shameful for everyone.” (Universal 9/29, 10/6, Excelsior 9/30)

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