Fugitive Deputy-elect sneaks through security cordon, takes oath, gets immunity

Julio César Godoy Toscano, the brother of Michoacán Governor Leonel Godoy and a fugitive from federal drug charges since June 2009, gave the slip to Federal Police. He avoided a security cordon around the Chamber of Deputies, hid for 2 days in an office in the Chamber, and took the oath of office as a Deputy, effectively giving him immunity from arrest and a public platform for contesting the charges. Julio Cesár Godoy was one of the most prominent figures accused by the Justice Ministry of involvement with La Familia Michoacana when they arrested a large number of political figures in June 2009, just prior to the mid-term elections.  Godoy immediately went into hiding, and was easily elected to Congress for the PRD, despite the charges and inability to campaign. Most of the other public figures arrested in Michoacán have since been released, when the government was unable to substantiate the charges against them, feeding suspicions that the highly-publicized operation was politically motivated. (Universal 9/24, Excelsior 9/24)

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