Data: Limited progress in vetting police forces

Reforma published data from a report by the National System for Public Security, which is part of the Ministry of Public Security, which showed that only 22% of police forces at the three levels of government had taken the exams that are supposed to help weed out corrupt or incompetent police in the two years since the initiative was announced.  While almost half of the 72,000 federal police and 34% of the 171,000 local police have taken the exams, only 8% of the 283,000 state police have done so. In six states – Hidalgo, Mexico State, Nayarit, San Luis Potosí, Tlaxcala, and Yucatán – less than 1% of police have taken the exams. The report said, “The results obtained are in the process of evaluation in order to identify the individuals that represent a risk for public service.” The deadline for all police to take the exams, originally one year, has been extended to 2013. (Reforma 9/19)

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