Nuevo León to implement unified police force

Governor Rodrigo Medina announced that he will form a unified state police force in order to tackle the surging crime problem in the state of Nuevo León. Initially, the measure would include only the 11 municipalities of the greater Monterrey metropolitan region. Unlike the proposal of the Federal Government, which would actually result in the disappearance of individual municipal forces, the Medina proposal would be one of integration and subordination of the local forces to state level command(and coordination with the 7th Military Region HQ). It would be implemented through bilateral agreements signed by the state and each municipal government. Medina said:

Given the urgency to start reducing the increase in crimes, above all those with the highest impact, and starting from the fact that the coordination between nunicipal and state police forces has been shown to be insufficient in terms of results, we have to take the first steps. … This is not the time to beat around the bush, for jealousy between jurisdictions, nor for competitive labyrinths. If we go that way, we will lose the unity that we need.

Medina said that the model for the unification would be announced within the next 30 days, and would include integration of communication systems, standardization of protocols, and unification of planning. Each police force would have to be certified before it could join the unified structure. The Unified police force is part of Medina’s “Alliance for Security” announced yesterday. It also includes filling 500 state-level police vacancies and another 500 new state police officers.

While several of the mayors of the 11 Monterrey municipalities were enthusiastic about the plan, others sounded surprised and wary.  Mauricio Fernández, the controversial mayor of San Pedro Garza García, said it would be very difficult for his town to join because it already had a committed investment program and he didn’t want possible corrupt police from outside operating in his town. (Reforma 9/14)

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