New message from kidnappers of Jefe Diego

120 days after his kidnapping, the major media received brief emails from the presumed kidnappers of Diego Fernández de Cevallos that essentially accused his family and friends of abandoning him. The enigmatic statement signed by “The Mysterious Disappearers” included a photo of a blindfolded and bare chested Fernández, holding a copy of a 5/23/10 Proceso magazine article showing a photo of him with Carlos Salinas. The photo would appear to have been taken at the same time as the last missive from the kidnappers, which was July 26. A translation of the text is as follows:

Bulletin Number 3

They say that ‘Jefe Diego’ seemed like viceroy of New Spain, and as a result, many wanted to see him imprisoned, or even worse, dead.

They say that for all practical purposes, he served as vice president of Mexico [during the Salinas presidency] and on that night when his past caught up with him, there was no shortage of persons who wanted him to rot in hell or praise him for the double feat, they say, of being an old prick and true bastard.

They say that he might have been the target for vengeance by some powerful group or individuals who had been defrauded or burnt, and they ignored if his mysterious ‘disappearance’, or later ‘kidnapping,’ might have had, other than economic motives, some other purpose, or if they were dealing with an attempt of barter by narcotraffickers.

They say that they last photos only showed the remains of a has-been who had been untouchable and powerful, and that they didn’t know if this sower of winds and reaper of storms was the victim of a gang organized criminals or some powerful group in the government, or of some guerrilla organization.

Thanks to the personal and public trajectory of ‘Jefe Diego’ they continued to say many things and, perhaps, pursued them as lines of investigation, after his family abandoned him and his own friends no longer cared what his fate was.

Shall we continue to communicate?

“The Mysterious Disappearers”

Monday, September 13, 2010

(Jornada 9/14, Universal 9/14)


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