Presidential Informe focuses on security and unity

President Calderón’s fourth Informe largely focused on highlighting the ten initiatives announced in last year’s message, and called for Congress to pass blocked reform legislation.  The greatest emphasis was put on security, with the capture of Édgar Valdez Villarreal, aka “La Barbie,” providing a much-needed exclamation point. The President, however, warned: “Today, crime is the greatest threat to peace, security, and the freedom of Mexicans. … The fight for security calls for and requires the commitment of all.  We have to close ranks to fight it. It is a cause that should be above particular interests, of ideologies, of parties. We need to understand that the common enemy of Mexicans is the criminals, not the authorities who fight the criminals. I have said that this is not, nor can it be, the fight of the President only. It needs to be part of a policy of the State that, as such, corresponds to the three levels of Government and the three powers, to the media, to all society, with each acting in its area of responsibility, and each according to his means.”

On the eve of the bicentennial of Independence, the President closed with an emotional call for unity and for taking up the challenge to close the gap between “the two Mexicos”: the Mexico of world leaders and the Mexico of extreme poverty. “Our generation has the opportunity to change Mexico. A peaceful change, that will overcome inertia, that will overcome resistance. A profound change that will make Mexico into a nation that is strong, just, prosperous, secure, clean, free democratic; the nation that we want it to be.”  (Presidencia 9/1)

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