Accelerated conversion to digital TV is biggest surprise

Simultaneously with the Informe, Calderón issued a decree accelerating the conversion from analog to digital TV. According to the President, this “transcendent measure” will free up the 700 MHz band (currently used for analog) for other uses that will speed the convergence of telephone, Internet, and television services. The recapture of spectrum, sure to be challenged in court by the broadcasters, is now set to begin in 2012 and be completed by 2015. José Antonio Crespo writes, “If carried out as proposed, [the decree] could become the greatest legacy of the Calderón government and would have media-political implications of the greatest importance. The competition between the electronic media and telecommunications providers constitutes a reform of great depth, which could contribute to democratization, opening up new information options … in order to reduce the enormous political influence that the media and communications conglomerates have in Mexico.” (Excelsior 9/3)

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