60 days

Today is the 60th day since the kidnapping of Diego Fernández de Cevallos from his ranch in Querétaro.  There continues to be a news blackout from his family, the government, and security agencies.  As columnist Miguel Jáuregui writes,

After several months, ‘Jefe’ Diego has not appeared. The worst is that many have forgotten that he was kidnapped, that no one knows his whereabouts and he has become a symbol of what ails our country: violence with impunity that permits hundred of citizens (no one knows exactly how many) to be kidnapped daily across the country, tormented, tortured, and their families submitted to the most inhuman anguish possible.

La Jornada, however, reports that the family spoke with Diego on Sunday.  The paper quotes “a member of the national security cabinet”  as saying:

Don Diego is in good health. His family was able to speak with him three days ago, when the kidnappers allowed a brief call. For now, the negotiations for his release are continuing and the money is being put together to to meet the [kidnappers’] demands.

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