Cabinet changes? Gómez Mont and Flores out?

There are insistent rumors of cabinet changes.  Most prominent among those tipped to leave is Fernando Gómez Mont, the Secretary of Government.  In February he resigned from the PAN, even while staying in the cabinet, based on his public opposition to the PAN-PRD alliances. Now that that the PAN’s gamble on the alliances has proved out, his time is viewed as up.  Columnist Carlos Loret de Mola writes that once President Calderón’s attention turned toward winning the 2010 elections,

The Government Secretary stopped being able to read the President’s mind; … and his actions turned erratic, stumbling, full of resounding, empty phrases that contradicted the narrative of the government for which he worked. On more than a few occasions the worst that can happen to a Government Secretary occurred: to be out of the loop. (Universal 7/13)

Labor Secretary Javier Lozano is constantly mentioned as a likely successor to Gómez Mont.

The other prominent target of rumors is Patricia Flores, the head of the Office of the President, and the person who is frequently referred to in the press as Mexico’s unofficial vice president.   According to Joaquín López Dóriga, the “surprising” decision to remove her:

Flores is out as a result of the implacable struggle for power in the presidential inner circle, a struggle in which she has reached her limits, and now shifts to the presidential succession. (Milenio 7/13)

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