U.S. doubts Mexican claims about Juárez consulate killings

The FBI and the families of the U.S. consular workers killed in March are doubting the Mexican claim that the person they arrested, Jesús Ernesto Chávez, aka El Camello, was the person who ordered the killings.  Mexican authorities cited El Camello’s confession that Lesley Enriquez was targeted because she authorized visas for rivals of the Los Aztecas (also known as Barrio Azteca) gang. Per the Dallas Morning News story:

U.S. authorities expressed doubts about the claim, and the victims’ family members in El Paso said they stand by what they’ve said from the beginning: They have no reason to believe that the consulate employee and her husband were targeted because of their work. … “Something is not adding up,” said Andrea Simmons, an FBI spokeswoman. “We still maintain that we don’t have information to say they were targeted because of their jobs. We’re still investigating. We’re still working with Mexican authorities to solve the case.” Three U.S. officials, including two law enforcement authorities speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly, said Chávez is an important lieutenant in the Barrio Azteca organization but not the person who orchestrated the killings, as Mexican authorities said Friday. They said another man was being sought on suspicion that he ordered the killings.

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