El Pais (Madrid) warns of a ‘failed state’

El Pais of Madrid resurrects the ‘failed state’ label in talking about recent events in Mexico.  From their editorial entitled ‘The Mexican Cockpit‘ today:

The war against the narcos in Mexico is not only tremendously bloody–more than 25,000 killed in three years — but also a savage spectacle that, because of its nature, sorrowfully wounds the image of the country.  … The worst, however, is that this war in which the State has immersed itself is not being won. The intervention of the Army to substitute for a corrupted police force has done nothing except sharpen the violence without producing demonstrable results. If there is no course correction, we will find ourselves facing a tragedy not just for Mexico, but by extension all Latin America.  The haunting spectacle of a failed State is something that cannot be allowed in the Spanish-speaking world.

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