Calderón calls for national unity, dialogue; Paredes blasts the PAN’s ‘opportunism’ and ‘irresponsibility’

In the wake of the assassination of  Rodolfo Torre Cantú, President Felipe Calderón made his second nationwide address in two days, calling for all political forces to join in a united front to fight what he called ‘the biggest challenge the country faces today.’

Faced with the gravity of the facts implied by the cowardly assassination of Rodolfo Torre  Cantú, … I sent a message to the Mexican people, in which I made a call for unity, and for the need to create a common front. … Today I am calling on all the political forces of the country, on all who believe in and defend democracy, to meet to discuss frankly this and the other challenges that Mexico faces; so that we may give a unified and decisive response to those who attack the democratic life and peace of Mexicans. … Faced with the challenge that organized crime today presents, there isn’t space to seek political dividends. … . I invite you to this dialogue. … I am confident that together, through a frank, respectful and constructive dialogue, we will be able to find the best alternatives to confront what is, without doubt, the biggest challenge that the country faces today. (Presidencia 6/29, Reforma 6/29)

In the evening, Beatriz Paredes, the PRI’s president, gave her party’s response, after meeting with all the party’s leaders and governors:

We have always been prepared to dialogue, but with legitimate leaders and not with opportunists that stir up stormy waters to see if they can rebuild their positions; when it has been precisely their irresponsibility and short-sighted desire to win at any cost that has muddied the debate and degraded politics.  …. More than declarations, speeches, or debates, Mexicans need a security strategy that is effective, and families want to recover their tranquility. (Reforma 6/29, Universal 6/30)

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