Threats to U.S. diplomats in Monterrey?

A note from today’s Templo Mayor column:

ONLY A FEW are in the know about some departures from the U.S. consulate in Monterrey in recent days.

FIRST was the now ex-consul general Bruce Williamson, who was promoted by the State Dept. and transferred to Peru.

THE OTHER had nothing festive about it; the departure was of a consular official who received threatening telephone calls … here in Mexico.

AFTER EVALUATING the messages, security officials in the consulate concluded that they were not dealing with idle boasts but threats that had to be taken seriously.

AS A RESULT the official and his family were evacuated, with only a few hours to pack their belongings and flee the city.

THIS EXPLAINS, so they say, why Washington decided that the new consul for Monterrey who will arrive in September will be a security expert … Who will it be?

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