Polls: PRI holds lead in 4 close races

The campaigns close on June 30th, with the vote on July 4. Just a handful of states have close gubernatorial races.  Columnist Leo Zuckermann writes, “It’s possible that the PRI will win each and every one of the 12 governorships that are in play. … There exists doubt in only four states.  In all the rest, everything indicates that the [PRI] will win handily. … But they could also lose between one and four races, three in places where there are alliances between the PAN and parties of the left.  Should there be a triumph of the alliances in Oaxaca, Sinaloa or Puebla, I believe that the PAN and PRD party leaders will save face. Should they pull out a victory in two of those gubernatorial races, they will celebrate with champagne and begin to prepare an alliance to contest the State of Mexico [governorship] in 2011.” The last Mitofsky polls before the election show the PRI leading by 6-10% in all four contested states, but with substantial undecided votes.  (Excelsior 6/25, consulta.com)

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