Gómez Mont warns of risk of Human Rights Commission becoming ‘useful fool’ of criminals

Government Secretary Fernando Gómez Mont continued his hard line offensive, this time challenging the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH). Speaking at a forum on the prevention of torture, Gómez Mont said, in the presence of CNDH Chairman Raúl Plascencia, “This is the difficult challenge that gathers us here: to be neither complicit … in the coverup of anomalies that might exist within the security agencies nor to be the useful fools of criminals that serve to delegitimize … or weaken the action of the authorities.”

The CNDH last week issued a report on the killing of two boys aged nine and five, Martín and Bryan Almanza Salazar, in April that concluded that the Army had killed the boys at a traffic checkpoint outside Nuevo Laredo, lied about the events (claiming they were killed in crossfire with gangsters), fabricated evidence, and obstructed the investigation. “The version [of events] issued by the Defense Ministry … is incompatible with the results of the evidence obtained by the CNDH,” Placencia said after the CNDH released its report.   (Reforma 6/16, 6/26)

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