Gómez Mont calls for limits on press coverage of violence

At the Binational Media Forum “The Challenges of Insecurity and Violence, Mexico-United States,” Government Secretary Fernando Gómez Mont called for changes in how the Mexican media cover violence and blamed the press for exacerbating violence in Ciudad Juárez. He said,

Many countries which have confronted the problem of organized crime … have agreed that, in the final analysis, the matter of communicating security operations and the matter of constructing the perception of violence have affected the levels of violence.

So, just as Colombia made its well-known agreement for discretion, and the media in Spain agreed on how they would communicate terrorist acts and the anti-terrorist policy of the Spanish State, this is a reflection of what where we want to get to.

Gómez Mont said (according to Reforma’s story) that there needed to be “a system of rules for journalistic activities when they touch on themes linked to security and violence that includes rights, obligations, and corrective measures.”

(Reforma 6/22)

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