Jefe Diego: 30 days of silence

A month after the disappearance and presumed kidnapping of former PAN presidential candidate Diego Fernández de Cevallos, a couple of small notes from the unsigned opinion leaders in the major papers.

El Universal’s Bajo Reserva (6/14):  “Final point: Long silence.  Very long.  The negotiations are ongoing, they say.  Some affirm that we will have to get used to silence because these kidnappers in particular are in no hurry.”

Reforma’s Templo Mayor (6/15): “AND ONE MONTH LATER … nobody knows anything about Diego Fernández de Cevallos.  IT SEEMS CURIOUS that 30 days after the kidnapping of the panista the EPR [the Revolutionary People’s Army guerrilla group] raises its head again to insist that it wasn’t them who grabbed him. DOES this denial have anything to do with what Fauzi Hamdan [Diego’s former law partner] has said that the kidnapping was the work of a group of power?  Its a question that longs for an answer, along with many others, in this case.”

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