Federal and state governments and Grupo Mexico announce massive reconstruction plan for Cananea

The day after Federal police seized the Cananea copper mine from striking workers, Minister of Labor Javier Lozano, Sonora governor Guillermo Padres, and Grupo Mexico CEO Xavier Guerra de Quevedo announced an “unprecedented” plan to rebuild and expand the mine, one of the largest open pit copper mines in the world, and provide economic and social assistance to the region. The state government will invest Ps. 382 million and the federal government will invest Ps. 55 million in new infrastructure and aid to small and medium business, while Grupo Mexico said it will invest Ps. 113,000 million in mine expansion and repair of facilities damaged during the three-year strike.  Guerra de Quevedo also said the company would pay miners 6 times the legal severance payment and would be willing to rehire workers under a different contract. (Reforma 6/7, Universal 6/7)

The Ministry of Government also issued a statement saying, “The entry into the installations was peaceful, without resistance or incidents, and everything was done with complete respect for the rights of the former mine workers.  It is the permanent responsibility of the federal and state governments to ensure the safety and integrity of the citizens of Cananea, as well as to safeguard public order, make the Rule of Law prevail, and give full compliance to judicial orders. (Universal 6/7)

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