Calderón supports U.S. decision to send National Guard to border

While in Canada, President Calderón said he supported President Obama’s decision to send 1,200 National Guard troops to reinforce the border. Calderón said: “We hope that the presence of the National Guard will be in terms that we agreed to with President Obama. [The U.S.] agreed to do their part to enforce the law on the American side, and certainly not to use the National Guard for immigration enforcement. … Thus, this would seem to be a sign of carrying out the commitment of the U.S. government to stop the illegal flow of arms to Mexico, to reduce the money laundering of funds to Mexico, and to stop the impunity with which some of the most dangerous criminals act and assault the Mexican side. … The National Guard will aid our common objective to have a more secure border.” (Presidencia 5/27)

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