Disappearance of Diego Fernández de Cevallos: radio silence

From today’s El Universal:

While the family and local and federal authorities continue without news of the whereabouts of Diego Fernández de Cevallos, the Justice Ministry (PGR) let it be known that any information would be provided jointly with the Querétaro state Justice Ministry. More than 24 hours after the family announced that they were willing to negotiate the liberation of the former presidential candidate, the family’s attorney (and former Attorney General) Antonio Lozano Gracia confirmed that they had not received any response from the presumed captors of Fernández de Cevallos.  “We have no news, we have had no response. Up to now, there is no information.”  Querétaro governor José Calzada said that he would not say anything more about the disappearance of the lawyer, even as he gave the order to end the state police search in the area of [Fernández’ ranch] La Cabaña. … PGR spokesman  Ricardo Nájera said he had no more information on the investigations to locate Jefe Diego. “Everything is shut down and we will communicate through joint announcements, when there is information of interest,”  he said.

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