Elections: PRI wins Mérida after 19 years of PAN rule

According the preliminary vote count (PREP), the PRI captured the mayor’s office in Mérida, the state capital of Yucatán, which has been governed by the PAN since 1991. The candidate of the PRI-Green Party coalition, Angélica Araujo, won 49% of the vote, as compared to 41% for former Social Development Secretary Beatriz Zavala, the PAN candidate. The PRI appears to have kept its hold on the large majority of the other 105 municipalities, mostly small, that elected mayors; the PRI currently governs 59 towns. In the state congressional vote, the PRI increased its share by about 3% from 2007, and was leading in 13 of the 15 direct election seats; they won 10 direct election seats in 2007. (PREP Yucatán 5/17, 7:17am)

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