Oaxaca campaign starts, after human rights activists killed

In what may be the most closely fought of the July elections, the formal campaign for governor of Oaxaca formally began. The race pits Gabino Cué, as the standard bearer of the PRD–PT–Convergencia–PAN alliance, against Eviel Pérez Magaña, the right hand man of outgoing Governor Ulises Ruiz. An Ipsos poll gives Cué a 44%-25% lead over Pérez Magaña. (Universal 4/30)

The climate in the state was marked by the ambush of a human rights caravan that left two human rights activists dead (one from Finland), three wounded, and three disappeared, allegedly at the hands of paramilitaries in the Triqui region of the state. Governor Ruiz called for the expulsion of foreigners from the state. Cue said, “Everybody knows that the lack of public security in Oaxaca today is the responsibility of Ulises Ruiz.” (Universal 5/2, 5/1, Frontline Defenders 4/29)

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