Bold attack in the center of Monterrey

As today’s NYT reports:

Armed men raided two hotels in the center of Monterrey, Mexico’s industrial capital, early Wednesday morning, hauling away four guests and as many as three staff members and sending a wave of panic across a city that has experienced a spate of violent episodes in recent weeks, the authorities said.

Dozens of gunmen were involved in the attacks, which occurred at 3 a.m. and were bold even by Mexican standards. They stormed through numerous rooms on the fifth floor of the Holiday Inn Centro, removing four guests but letting others go. The gunmen also abducted the hotel’s receptionist and clashed with a security guard outside the hotel, possibly taking him as well, the authorities said. A receptionist at the Misión Hotel across the street was also abducted, bringing the likely total number of missing people to seven, officials said.

The Frentes Políticos column in Excelsior noted:

They say that the Monterrey business community is very preoccupied, and they will make strong demand that governor Rodrigo Medina restore security to Nuevo Leon. If not, they are thinking of moving their belongings and their homes abroad.

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