Cell phones stay connected, for the time being

Cell phone giant Telcel got a court injunction to prevent immediate disconnection of the 19 million cell phones that were not registered by the April 10 deadline.  The unpopular measure to create a National Cell Phone Registry, known by its acronym ‘Renaut,’ is in limbo. There is no clear roadmap on how disconnect unregistered users or how to proceed to the second phase – the verification of the data that was provided in the initial registration. (More than 5,000 phones were registered in the name of ‘Felipe Calderón’, for example.) Columnist Sergio Sarmiento quoted a reader: “The Renaut was created to prevent extortions. Give me your money or I will kill your loved ones. But to implement it, the government is extorting phone users. Give me your personal data, or I will cancel your line.”  (Reforma 4/14, 4/16)

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