Calderón emphasizes joint responsibility after Juárez killings

Speaking in Juárez three days after the killings of the U.S. consular staff and families, President Calderón said: “It is indispensable, I insist, that the brunt of the battle against organized crime be fully assumed as a shared responsibility between the United States and Mexico. It is a battle that we need to fight on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border, and to win as allies, each in its own territory, each in its own sphere of competence, but with close collaboration in terms of information, intelligence, and public policies. Both nations must continue to collaborate in order to defeat these organizations and put a stop to the trafficking in drugs, arms, illegal money, and to make our youth safe.”  The President’s comments were seen, in part, as a reaction to reports that special teams from seven U.S. agencies were in Mexico to hunt down and capture the killers. U.S. Ambassador Carlos Pascual later clarified that U.S. agencies would only be working in a support role from the U.S. side of the border. (Universal 3/16, Excelsior 3/17)

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