First gay marriages celebrated in Mexico City

The first five gay couples were joined in marriage in the Old Town Hall in Mexico City, under the Federal District’s law passed last December. Mayor Marcelo Ebrard, the head of the D.F. Legislative Assembly, and the head of the D.F. judiciary all attended the ceremony.   The day before, the Supreme Court turned down an appeal from Attorney General Arturo Chávez to block the law from going into effect (without ruling on the merits). The Supreme Court had previously rejected suits by several states to stop the D.F. law. The spokesman for the Archbishop of Mexico City directly attacked Ebrard:

It is completely clear that Marcelo Ebrard is responsible for the approval and execution of these laws that are destructive of the family. He cannot hide his aversion to the Church and to the majority of the inhabitants that he governs, who profess the Christian faith and who reject the perversion of their dearest and most respected values, such as the family.

(Universal 3/11, Reforma 3/11)

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