Signed agreement embarrasses both PAN and PRI party leaders

After days of repeated public denials of a formal pact between the PAN and the PRI, César Nava confessed that such an agreement existed. A document signed by Nava on behalf of the PAN and Beatriz Paredes on behalf of the PRI last October committed both to not forming electoral alliances with ideologically incompatible parties (i.e., the PRD) in the state of Mexico through the July 2011 gubernatorial elections in this key state. Nava said the pact was void because the PRI reneged on backing the government’s original tax plan last fall. The agreement, which was witnessed by Fernando Gómez Mont and the chief of staff of Mexico State governor Enrique Peña Nieto, is highly embarrassing to both Nava and Paredes, but more to Nava. Columnist Ricardo Alemán concludes: “Nava is politically dead.  When will they bury the corpse?” (Universal 3/8)

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