Receives rude welcome from family members of victims

While the President gave personal condolences to the family members of the victims of the massacre of school children, he was also given a rare show of public disrespect. Six mothers of the victims stood and turned their backs on the President as he spoke. Luz María Dávila, who lost two two sons, addressed the President: “

I cannot bid you welcome. I can’t believe that you called my sons gang members; they were students and worked. I want you to take your words back. Put yourself in my place. If you had lost a son, you would turn every stone to find those responsible. I don’t have the means to do that.  Don’t nod your head, do something! Juarez is in mourning! We want Juárez as it was before, not a bloodbath.

Outside the convention center, riot police held protestors at bay.(Universal 2/12, Reforma 2/12)

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