Gómez Mont resigns from PAN

Government Secretary Fernando Gómez Mont resigned from the PAN (but not from the government) in protest of the party’s electoral alliances with the PRD. Gómez Mont has been publicly critical of the prospective alliances. At the meeting of the PAN central committee (CEN) yesterday, he made a plea to reject the alliance in Oaxaca, but the CEN voted 40-0 to go forward. The Secretary’s resignation letter to party leader César Nava said he was resigning for “reasons that I cannot disclose for professional discretion.” However, the press is reporting that Gómez Mont had given his word (and possibly a written pledge to Mexico state governor Enrique Peña Nieto) that the PAN would not ally itself with the PRD in Oaxaca, in return for the PRI’s support for the tax increases in the 2010 budget. (Excelsior 2/11, Universal 2/11, Reforma 2/11)

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