President changes tack on Juárez violence

After initially seeming to blame the victims in the massacre of 15 high school students at a birthday party in Ciudad Juárez (“they were probably killed by another group with which they had a certain rivalry”), President Calderón announced another change in strategy to address the violence in the border city. The President promised, without providing details, an “integrated” strategy including new social assistance programs, while also saying that the measures “will not be imposed from the center, but proposed and discussed with the people of Juárez, and implemented hand in hand with them.” Government Secretary Fernando Gómez Mont is travelling to Juárez today to discuss new actions with Governor José Reyes Baeza. Separately, the Army said they killed the presumed leader of the attack on the students, Adrián Ramírez, in a shootout. The motivation for the attack on the students remains unknown. (Reforma 2/3,  2/7)

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