Creel becomes first major figure to declare for 2012

PAN Senator Santiago Creel confirmed in a radio interview with journalist Carmen Aristegui that he will seek his party’s 2012 presidential nomination, becoming the first national figure to throw his hat in the ring. Creel tried to play down internal party rivalry, saying that he was not competing against Education Secretary Alonso Lujambio, who is also viewed as a contender, while carving out a nuanced position on electoral alliances.  “I am not competing against anyone. What I want to see is a vigorous party that returns to its origins, to its identity, that doesn’t make these unspeakable alliances, alliances with [Teachers’ Union president] Elba Esther [Gordillo], alliances that we won’t be able to sustain afterwards, neither ideologically nor programmatically. But I also think that there are alliances that are sustainable, such as the case of Gabino Cué [in Oaxaca] or Xóchitl Gálvez [in Hidalgo],” he said. (Universal 1/23)

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