New strategy to curb violence in Juárez

After a meeting of the security cabinet in Ciudad Juárez (including the participation of U.S. Ambassador Carlos Pascual), Security Secretary Genaro García Luna announced that a force of 2,000 Federal Police (PF) would join the approximately 7,800 military and federal police already in the state of Chihuahua, in what was characterized as a change of strategy. The PF will gradually replace the army in Juárez from now through March; the troops will redeploy to rural areas of the state. The army will also make use of drones to combat crime in the city, technology made possible as part of the Mérida Initiative. According to José Antonio Ortega, the head of a civic organization in Juárez, the city’s 2009 homicide rate of 191 per 100,000 residents ranked it as the most violent city in the world. Garcia Luna disputed the ranking, but acknowledged that Juárez was the most dangerous city in Mexico. (Reforma 1/11, Excelsior 1/14)

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