Cordero and Carstens draw similar pictures of the economy

The key economic policymakers, in their new roles, gave similar perspectives on the economy in back-to-back presentations at the ITAM’s annual economic conference. Banco de Mexico governor Agustín Carstens said that the economic recovery that began in the second half of 2009 will continue, and that any increase in inflation that resulted from higher taxes and increased fuel prices was likely to be transitory and not require a policy response from the central bank. Finance Secretary Ernesto Cordero emphasized the positive contribution from the government’s reform initiatives: the liquidation of Luz y Fuerza, the energy reform, the liberalization of investment rules for pension funds, and the modernization of public-private partnership investment rules. The consensus outlook for 2010 is economic growth of about 3%, and inflation of about 5%.

Their presentations may be found on the Hacienda and Banxico websites.

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