Calderón focuses on economy in message to the nation

In his first speech of the year, President Felipe Calderón said that the government had three priorities this year: job creation, fighting extreme poverty, and strengthening public security. Celebrating 2010 as the ‘year of the fatherland’–marking the 200th anniversary of independence and the 100th anniversary of the revolution–Calderón promised economic recovery: “2009 was a hard year, but Mexicans continued forward. … It was necessary to make difficult decisions, which required great sacrifices from all.  However, I want to say that these sacrifices were precisely those that will enable us to avoid serious financial dangers for the country…. The efforts of all will allow for an accelerated economic recovery for our economy.”  (Presidencia 1/6)

Calderón did not mention, even in passing, the political reform initiative he sent to Congress last December.

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