Calderón proposes 10-point political reform

President Felipe Calderón today proposed a set of sweeping political reforms, in a legislative package that was delivered to Congress on the last day of the regular session. The 10 point program includes:

1.-Consecutive re-election of mayors and Mexico City borough presidents for up to 12 years.
2.-Consecutive re-election of federal deputies and senators for up to 12 years.
3.-Reduce the size of the Senate to 96, from the current 128; reduce the Chamber of Deputies to 400 from the current 500.
4.-Add citizen initiatives as part of the legislative process.
5.-Allow for independent candidates for all elected positions.
6.-Have a second round in presidential elections, if no candidate reaches an absolute majority.
7.-Increase the minimum voting share from 2% to 4%, for parties to keep their registration and access to public financing.
8.-Empower the Supreme Court to present legislative initiatives in the area of the Judiciary.
9.-Empower the Executive to present at the beginning of each legislative session up to two law initiatives that Congress must vote on before the end of the session. In the event that Congress does not vote, the initiative will be considered passed. (For constitutional changes, they would be submitted to a citizen referendum.)
10.-Empower the Executive to make observations (partial or total) on the Income Law and Expenditure Law passed by the Congress.

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