Official in witness protection program killed

A key informer in the Ministry of Justice’s witness protection program was gunned down in a Starbucks in Mexico City. Édgar Bayardo had been a top official in the Federal Preventive Police, an informer for the U.S. DEA, and in the service of both the Amado Carrillo and the Beltrán Leyva families. He played a role in the October 2008 arrest of Jesús “El Rey” Zambada and the dismantling of Zambada’s network. Bayardo’s killing follows the apparent suicide of Zambada’s son while also in the witness protection program. Carmen Aristegui writes that the two deaths “have set off a crisis of credibility and suspicion about [the witness protection program] and in general about the entire Public Security and Justice systems in this country.” (Excelsior 12/4, Reforma 12/4)

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