Deadline approaches for nominating Central Bank governor

Breaking a long silence, Banco de Mexico governor Guillermo Ortiz said he would be willing to serve a third term as head of the bank: “If the President and the Congress think that I can continue to be of service, I will do so with great pleasure; I will never say no to Mexico,” Ortiz said. The President is expected to make his nomination, which must be ratified by the Senate, this week.  Calderón has been believed to have a clear preference for putting Agustín Carstens in the central bank, with Ernesto Cordero taking over at the Ministry of Finance. However, as columnist Salvador García Soto noted, the trial balloon of Cordero’s name “was not well viewed by Congress—particularly by the PRI Senate delegation—or by influential Wall Street voices who lack knowledge of the current Minister of Social Development.” (Universal 12/3, 12/5)

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