Supreme Court declares SCT regulations for granting radio and TV concessions unconstitutional

The Supreme Court, by a vote of 8-2, declared that the SCT regulations issued in January 2009 by President Calderón were unconstitutional. These regulations gave the Secretary of Communications and Transportation the exclusive power to award, extend, or revoke radio and TV concessions. The Court found that this power belonged to Cofetel, the telecommunications regulator, and could not be assigned to the Secretary (though Cofetel is part of the SCT). Columnist Miguel Ángel Granados Chapa wrote: “This counterfeit introduces yet another conflictive element in the topsy-turvy panorama of radio and TV, where the competitors are constantly litigating to avoid the application of norms that are disadvantageous to them.” (Universal 11/23, Reforma 11/28)

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