Carstens responds to critique of economic policy

Finance Minister Agustín Carstens responded vigorously to the comments made earlier in the week by Nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz.  Speaking at a conference in Mexico, Stiglitz said that Mexico’s response to the global financial crisis had been “unusual” with a “relatively weak” fiscal stimulus in contrast to the actions of many other countries. He added that Mexico needed to diversify its exports, and that relying on economic recovery in the U.S. was unlikely to result in a strong recovery since the world’s growth is concentrated in Asia.  Stiglitz also said the government need to invest not only in infrastructure but also in technology, education, and programs for improving economic opportunity. Carstens responded by noting that the government had to respond to the twin crises that hit Mexico­–the global recession and the 800,000 b/d decline in oil production. “We did not have the option of contracting more debt. One has to act responsibly, and this is what President Calderón decided and did,” Carstens said. Economy Secretary Ernesto Cordero said that Stiglitz “needed to read a bit more on Mexico” before making comments. The Templo Mayor column observed: “Wow. Looks like the Minister of Finance has decided to celebrate the anniversary of the Revolution by shooting at Nobel Prize winners.” (Universal 11/19, 11/20, Reforma 11/20)

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