Calderón booed

The President was booed by fans at the inauguration of the new soccer stadium in Torreón. The video was widely circulated on You Tube.  TV Azteca, which broadcast the game, lowered the volume on the crowd noise to minimize the rare public show of disrespect for a sitting president. “The lusty booing that President Calderón received … is revealing of the enormous black mark that the people have put as their response to the fiscal reform. It has not passed unnoticed by society that the incapacity of the Calderón administration to put the brakes on government spending and the ease with which it decided – once again — to lay on the people already hit by the recession a higher tax burden, considered unjust and disproportionate,” said columnist Manuel J. Jáuregui. (Reforma 11/12, 11/13)

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