As mayor takes office, bodies found of gangsters who made death threats

On the day that Mauricio Fernández took office as the PAN mayor of the Monterrey suburb of San Pedro Garza García, a gangster who had threatened to kill him was found murdered in Mexico City.  In early October, the mayor-elect had said, “There are some intelligence groups that report to me directly—groups for rough work—or as I call them, a kind of cleaning crew, that will be responsible for convincing, in any way necessary, those criminal groups that there isn’t any room for them.” Fernández announced the death of ‘El Negro’ Saldaña, who was accused of running a kidnapping and extortion ring in Garza Garcia, hours before the Mexico City authorities reported finding his corpse and those of three other men, all executed. Fernández called the discovery of the bodies on the day of his inauguration a ‘coincidence.’ (Reforma 11/2, Universal 11/2)

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