Storm over telecoms provisions

In a novelty for Mexico, opponents of the tax on Internet services staged a campaign to flood Twitter with tweets opposing the measure, using the tag #internetnecesario. The group got a boost from Senate president Carlos Navarrete (PRD), who endorsed the campaign. (Universal 10/25)

Another provision defers royalty payments by new cell phone operators for two years on new radio frequency spectrum to be auctioned for 3G networks. Purificación Carpinteyro, the former Undersecretary of Communications, called it, “a privilege inserted to address exclusively the interests of Televisa.” Long-term PAN critic of telecoms policy Javier Corral called it “a huge fiscal benefit for the wealthy telecoms owners,” that was negotiated between the Ministry of Finance and PRI Senate leader Manlio Fabio Beltrones to get PRI support for the Internet tax. (Reforma 10/26)

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