Supreme Court rules against Oaxaca governor Ruiz

The Supreme Court ruled by 7-4 that PRI governor Ulises Ruiz committed “grave violations of individual rights” during the state government’s 2006 crackdown on the APPO radical group, principally for failing to maintain public order. Three former public security officials were also cited. The court’s ruling, which will not be finalized for several weeks, has no direct effects, and will be referred to the Congress.  Ruiz’s term ends in December 2010, and he has pledged to finish his term and hand over power to a PRI successor. Columnist Miguel Angel Granados Chapa notes, “Without minimizing a jot the relevance of the ruling by the Republic’s highest tribunal, it would not appear that the ruling will set off any adverse consequences, political or penal, for the governor of Oaxaca. The demands for political judgment against him have multiplied, but they will not prosper because his party will support him. Since [the PRI] is the largest group in the Chamber of Deputies, and able to form a majority with the Green Party, it will scarcely happen that the Government Commission will move forward with the proposal to politically sanction Ruiz.” (Reforma 10/14, 10/18)

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