Luz y Fuerza liquidation proceeds despite protests

The unionized workers of Luz y Fuerza del Centro (LFC), the state owned electrical utility ordered liquidated by President Calderón, mobilized an estimated 150,000 protestors in the Zocalo in a peaceful demonstration to demand a reversal of the decree.  The government agreed to negotiations, headed by Government Secretary Fernando Gómez Mont, but made clear that reversing the liquidation was not a option: “The Ministry of Government will establish a dialogue table in the ministry offices to explore alternatives for the reinsertion of workers in the work force, as well as to give strict adherence to the rights of workers,” an official announcement said. Secretary of Labor Javier Lozano and Secretary of Economy Gerardo Ruiz said the government would allot Ps. 500 million for worker retraining, educational grants, and other assistance, in addition to the Ps. 20 billion in labor indemnities already announced. In the first three days since the buyout was announced, 2,527 of the 44,000 LFC workers accepted the government’s offer. (Reforma 10/16)

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